Is there a connection between bacteria in well water and getting bacterial infections?

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My husband who has diabetes has been getting one bacterial infection after another. We found out our well water has nitrates and bacteria in it. Could there be a connection? Our landlord has made no attemps to put a filter on our well.

yes,of course

I keep getting bacterial infections and keep going back to the doctor for medicine. Any suggestions?


I have recurring bacterial infections. I feel like the medicine I am being given to treat the infection is not strong enough and doesn't completely fight off the bacterial. Has anyone been in this situation before and does anyone know anything that can be done?

Well, generally I can say that if the treatment and diagnosis is right there should be no problem. Do you take antibiotics on right dosages and frequency? If antibacterials are suddenly stopped or minimized, drug resistance may occur thereby decreasing it's effectiveness. If that should happen, a "stronger" type of antibiotic is given OR a combination of drugs to increase potency.

How are tests for bacterial infections like strep throat done?

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Also how accurate are they? Can they misdiagnose? Is there a all in one test for all infections? Are the location specific(ie need to be tested in different areas of the body?)


they just take a throat swab... that can tell all sorts of info... or by a blood test

How to Bacterial intoxications differ from Bacterial infections of the digestive system?


Bacterial intoxications differ from bacterial infections of the digestive system in that intoxications :
a. are accompanied by fever
b. are more severe
c. are transmitted via water
d. are treated with antibiotics
e. have a shorter incubation time

E. The toxin acts immediately.

What are symptoms of vaginal bacterial infections?


I used to have a lot of discharge with no smell whatsoever. In the last year my discharge has stopped and I have an odor on my this normal? Is this the sign of a bacterial infection bc I heard any change in the amount of discharge means you have one. Thanks!

Signs of Bacterical Vaginosis is white/gray discharge with a "fish" like odor. If you have Bacterial Vaginosis, it doesn't mean you will have all the symptoms, some women who have this will not even notice any symptoms at all. But as long as you have any odor, you need to get checked, because it's not supposed to have an unpleasant odor.

Good Luck! :)

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