How do you treat/cure chronic yeast infection with natural remedies?

Q. My girlfriend has chronic yeast infection. She has taken many meds and is watching what she eats. What are some remedies and tips that you may have? thanks in advance.

A. Coconut oil is supposed to be a good rememdy for candida. You can now buy virgin coconut oil in the supplement section of you local health store. Don't buy the cooking type - it's not as pure and doesn't have the same benefit.

What are some full proof ways to get rid of chronic yeast infections?
Q. My girlfriend has had it for quite awhile now and been trying to get rid of it with all sorts of external and internal creams and even some pills but nothing seems to work at all. She tells me sex just hurts and doesn't even feel good so we just stopped altogether. Is there anything else she should try? Certain products, creams, medicines, pills, eating habits, herbal remedies, etc?

A. Make sure she isn't using soap down there
Change her washing powder
Is she on the pill? that can affect it
Are you using condoms? If not make sure you wash with water, the PH may be affected by you, that is possible.

There are so many things, I recommend going to the doctor so that all possibilities can be talked about.

Is yogurt really good for chronic yeast infection in ears?
Q. I read this somewhere but now I can't find anything about it and I don't know how much or how often to feed it or if it really IS a good thing to be feeding my cat. She's had ongoing yeast infections since I adopted her and I wanted to see if there was anything cheaper than the vet since I'll be dealing with this the rest of her life.
Ohhhhhh thanks Elaine!! That'll help anyway!! I've been buying drops at the vet every couple months so that will at least save me money!!

A. No, not in the ears. The yogurt/yeast infection only works with humans (women, and it's what you put in AFTER you douche down there to get the good bacteria going again).

For cats with yeast infections in the ears you need to change the acidity of the environment to stop the yeast growth. It's easiest done with a kleenex wadded over your finger, dipped in 50/50 water/vinegar and swabed out every other day. The yogurt won't do a thing.

What is the best and cheapest way to get rid of chronic yeast infections?
Q. Hi, I have been dealing with chronic yeast infections for a long time. I'm not sexually active. I get a yeast infection and I'm too embarrassed to go to the doctor so I just wait it out and eventually it goes away. I want an effective and cheap way of any way to get rid of a yeast infection and the things that go along with the ie the fishy smell, itching and burning for good and how to prevent them from coming back. PLEASE HELP

A. I understand what you mean by cheap alternatives while keeping it discrete. Just know the best way to find out and to get rid of your yeast infections are by going to see a doctor and getting evaluated.

I came across this article on last week and it may be just what you a looking for. It gives the treatment options, products, and natural ways to help your yeast infection problem out.

Hope this helps!

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